Parfums Givenchy "Lanteldi Lipstick"

Parfums Givenchy will release "Lanteldi Lipstick" on September 4th. The price is 4,000 yen (excluding tax).

As the name "L'INTERDIT" means "forbidden", this lipstick gives you an enchantingly smooth feel and beautiful lips that you will want to touch. Carefully selected oil keeps your lips moisturized while providing an eye-catching luster and smooth feel. 100% naturally derived black rose oil moisturizes all day long and keeps you comfortable.

Parfums Givenchy "Lanteldi Lipstick"

From beige, which is easy to use, to intense red, colors that bring out the hidden charm. The top of the texture has a 4G logo.

Parfums Givenchy "Lanteldi Lipstick"

・ No.105 Thrilling Nude (nationwide limited color)
Milky pink beige with sparkling pearls. Produces coquettish lips like a little devil.

・ No.109 Rose Illusion [br /] Coral beige with delicate gold pearls. The color reminiscent of sensual rose petals creates beautiful lips.

・ No.117 Fire Copper [br /] Chic Copper Brown. Gold pearls sparkle in a glossy brown with the depth of copper, giving a mature lips.

・ No.216 Trouble in Pink [br /] A bluish pink with sparkling blue and pink pearls. Produces plump and attractive lips.

・ No.240 Extreme in Red [br /] A stylish Franboise red with stimulating sparkles of purple and blue pearls. Makes your lips edgy with a twist.

・ No.275 Rust in Red (store limited color)
A mode of Bordeaux red with purple and blue pearls shining like the night sky. Gives unique lips with the strength of the core.

・ No.304 Growing Coral [br /] An energetic coral orange with pink and yellow gold pearls sparkling in pop. Colors healthy lips.

・ No.316 Wild Vermilion [br /] Vermilion Red studded with pink pearls. For a free-spirited and adorable impression.

・ No.333 Lanterdi [br /] Givenchy's iconic color studded with yellow gold pearls, classical red and delicate gold shine brighten the skin.

・ No.350 Burning ・ Red [br /] Crimson red like a burning flame with shining purple pearls. Makes your lips glamorous.

Parfums Givenchy "Lanteldi Lipstick"