From Mitsubishi lead "Kurutoga" to "Disney & Disney / Pixar series" --Popular sharp that can be written finely and clearly

From the Mitsubishi pencil "Kurutoga", "Kurutoga Disney & Disney / Pixar Series" and "Kurutoga Rubber Grip Model Disney Series" are now available. It will be sold in limited quantities from August 5th.

Kurtuga is a mechanical pencil equipped with a "Kurtoga engine" whose core rotates little by little each time you write. It has the features of "thin and clear writing", "the tip of the core does not easily get caught on the paper surface, and the stable writing state continues", and "the powder of the core does not come out and the paper surface is not soiled". It is gaining popularity mainly among students, and the cumulative number of units sold in the series has reached 100 million.

The collaboration product that appears this time uses trendy white as the base color. It is a neat design that combines colors that match each of the popular Disney characters. A wide lineup of patterns, from simple ones to lively shafts. A friend of Mickey Mouse, the cheerful "Goofy" is making its debut on the axis of "Kurtga".

Details of each product are as follows. The listed price does not include tax.

■ Kurtuga Standard Model Disney [br /] Core diameter: 0.5mm
Axis color: DL paint (Donald Duck), CD nuts (Chip and Dale), GF hat (Goofy)
Price: 650 yen

■ Kurtuga Standard Model Disney / Pixar [br /] Core diameter: 0.5mm
Axis color: AL group (alien)
Price: 650 yen

■ Kurtuga rubber grip model Disney [br /] Core diameter: 0.5mm
Axis color: AR Talk (Ariel), PH Bee (Winnie the Pooh)
Price: 850 yen

(C) Disney
(C) Disney / Pixar
(C) Disney. Based on the “Winnie the Pooh” works by AA Milne and EH Shepard.