Mama Aqua Shabon Moist Multi Cream FAW Little Twin Stars

"Mama Aqua Shabon", a cosmetics brand born from the voices of working moms, will release "Moist Multi Cream" in collaboration with Sanrio's Little Twin Stars on September 20th. The content is 400g (14.11oz) and the price is 1,400 yen (excluding tax).

A milk-type moisturizing cream that can be used by parents and children from a 6-month-old child together on the hair, face, and body. Contains 32 types of naturally derived moisturizing ingredients including baby care ingredients (aloe vera leaf extract, dokudami extract, adlay seed extract, yomogi leaf extract, loquat leaf extract, perilla leaf extract, etc.) Moisturize. Non-silicone, non-paraben, non-alcohol, synthetic colorant-free, mineral oil-free. Gentle flower aroma water scent.

Mama Aqua Shabon Moist Multi Cream FAW Little Twin Stars

100% recycled PET is used for the plastic of the bottle part. It is an environmentally friendly product of plastic smart.

Dealers include variety shops, GMS, home electronics mass retailers, perfume dealers nationwide, Sanrio shops, etc. * Some stores are not available

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