Kitchen detergent "Kamenoko Wash" from Kamenoko Fukko Nishio Shoten

Kamenoko Wash, a new synthetic kitchen detergent, is now available from Nishio Shoten. It will be sold sequentially from the beginning of August. Available at Kamenoko Tawashi Main Store, Kamenoko Tawashi Tananaka Store, Kamenoko Tawashi Online Shop, and other Kamenoko Wash dealers. The price (excluding tax) is 700 yen each.

Kamenoko Fukko Nishio Shoten is a manufacturer known for its main product, Kamenoko Fukko. We also develop products such as "Kamenoko Sponge " for kitchen and cleaning and "Body scrubbing brush" for body.

Kamenoko Wash, which will be on sale this time, is a detergent for tableware and cooking utensils that is kind to both hands and the environment and is made with a balance between security and cleaning functions. Manufactured with the simplest possible formulation without using "alcohol," "paraben," or "sulfate-based surfactant." It is explained that it is gentle on the hands and has a low environmental impact. Since only natural essential oils are used as the scent component of citrus, the natural scent rises quickly and disappears quickly.

Turtle child wash

Made in Japan, there are two types of scents, "unscented" and "citrus". The net amount is 240 ml.