Hokka Hokka Tei Online Shop Limited "Sumikko Gurashi Osechi"

A collaboration between the special New Year dishes of the take-out lunch shop "Hokka Hokka Tei" and the popular character "Sumikko Gurashi". Pre-orders for "Sumikko Gurashi Osechi," which includes cute weights and original goods, will begin on October 1st at the "Hokka Hokka Tei Online Shop."

The New Year dishes are packed with carefully selected authentic ingredients such as kazunoko, black beans, salmon roe, kuri-kinton, and red and white kamaboko, and are delivered in "chilled" rather than frozen. In addition to the weight that can be reused as a lunch box in various scenes such as cherry blossom viewing, excursions, and athletic meet, various original Sumikogurashi goods that can only be obtained with this product are also included.

The product is a one-tiered specification, and the price is planned to be 14,000 yen (excluding tax, free shipping), the quantity is limited, and it will end as soon as it runs out. Details of the New Year dishes and original goods will be announced later. Please note that this is only available at the Hokka Hokka Tei Online Shop, which is scheduled to open in October, and reservations and sales will not be carried out at the Hokka Hokka Tei store.