L'Occitane's "SNOOPY BABY" series

The "SNOOPY BABY" series, which is a collaboration between L'Occitane's "Shea Baby" series and "PEANUTS BABY", will be released in limited quantities on October 7. A collaboration item of the popular moisturizing series "Shea" and SNOOPY will also appear at the same time.

"PEANUTS BABY" is a baby brand of vintage art line born from the idea of "I want you to cherish the simple and irreplaceable daily life that you feel through the story of PEANUTS. I want to support such happy child-rearing." As the first collaboration to commemorate this birth, the limited package "SNOOPY BABY" series of "Shea Baby" with the illustration of "PEANUTS BABY" will appear.

・ SNOOPY BABY Shower Foam
Produces a happy bath time with the scent of mimosa and neroli. A gentle lathering shower foam gently cleanses delicate skin. Pump type that is easy to use with one hand. 300mL 3,000 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

L'Occitane's "SNOOPY BABY Shea Baby Shower Foam"

・ SNOOPY BABY Moisture Milk
The milk with a light texture that blends in gently moisturizes delicate skin. The scent is soothing for both adults and babies. 300mL 3,900 yen.

L'Occitane's "SNOOPY BABY Shea Baby Moisture Milk"

・ SNOOPY BABY Shea Baby Fragrance Water
An alcohol-free fragrance mist that gently wraps in the soothing scent of mimosa and neroli. It can be used not only for skin and hair, but also for adult clothing, pillows, sheet linen, curtains, etc. 50mL 5,900 yen.

L'Occitane's "SNOOPY BABY Shea Baby Fragrance Water"

In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Snoopy's original comic series on October 2, 2020, a collaboration item between L'Occitane's popular moisturizing series "Shea" and SNOOPY has also appeared. It is a limited design with an illustration of SNOOPY.

・ SNOOPY Shea Butter
A balm-type moisturizing cream that can be used for multiple purposes, not only on the face and body, but also on dry hair tips, hands, and lips. It has a smooth feel and moisturizes the skin in a concentrated manner. Contains no fragrances or colorings. 150mL 4,900 yen.

L'Occitane "SNOOPY Shea Butter"

・ SNOOPY Shea Butter Trio
A set of 3 mini sizes of shea butter. You can enjoy SNOOPY illustrations with various expressions. 10mL x 3 3,600 yen.

L'Occitane "SNOOPY Shea Butter Trio"

・ SNOOPY 70th Anniversary Shea Hand Cream Kit
A special kit that can only be found now with L'Occitane's best-selling "Shea Hand Cream" with SNOOPY illustrations by age group. 30mL x 5 bottles 6,500 yen. Only one kit can be reserved per person.

L'Occitane "SNOOPY 70th Anniversary Shea Hand Cream Kit"