Healthy without frying ♪ Oven potatoes
An old "subway" style oven potato recipe. No special batter is attached, and only a small amount of olive oil is enough to give a crispy texture.
Material ( Easy to make ) Cooking time 40minutes
Potatoes 2 pieces
Olive oil 1 tsp
Salt and pepper Appropriate amount
Crude salt, herb salt, granule consomme, grated cheese, etc. Appropriate amount
Subway-style oven potato recipe

The time when potatoes reach the autumn season. French fries are popular for lunch and snacks, but frying in oil is a bit of a calorie concern.

Then I remembered the potatoes finished in the oven of the sandwich chain "Subway". Currently, bite-sized "Korokoro potatoes" are on sale, but I personally loved the old oven potatoes as well.

Subway CoroCoro Potato
Subway potatoes are the protagonists (the image is Korokoro potatoes)

So, this time, I will introduce a recipe for reproducing Subway-style oven potatoes. Make it healthy without frying with a small amount of oil!

Material (amount that is easy to make)

Subway-style oven potato recipe

・ 2 potatoes ・ 1 teaspoon of olive oil
・ Appropriate amount of salt and pepper

* For finishing, salt of your choice, herb salt, granule consomme, parsley, grated cheese, etc.

Subway-style oven potato recipe

How to make

1. 1. Wash the potatoes well, remove any sprouts, and cut into 8 equal parts with the skin on.

Subway-style oven potato recipe

2. Put the potatoes in a plastic bag, add a little salt and pepper, and olive oil, and shake to spread over the whole.

Subway-style oven potato recipe

Subway-style oven potato recipe
Shake the whole bag and sprinkle it on the whole.

3. Bake in an oven preheated to 230 degrees for 30 minutes and season with your favorite flavor while still hot.

Subway-style oven potato recipe

Subway-style oven potato recipe
30 minutes later

Subway-style oven potato recipe

By baking it slowly in the oven, the surface is crispy and the inside is chewy without any batter. You can enjoy the sweetness of potatoes with just salt, and if you prepare various flavors, you will not be able to stop.

Subway-style oven potato recipe
This is herb salt

Subway-style oven potato recipe
Consomme is also recommended

When you bake it, the water will come out and it will become smaller, so if you want to enjoy the feeling of fluffiness, divide it into 8 equal parts, and if you like hardening, slice it even thinner. After putting it in the oven, it's left alone and there is little washing, so it's a great snack when you're busy!