"Dear Beaute HIMAWARI" Moomin-designed "Shampoo & Conditioner" and "Distorted Deep Repair Mask"

Hair care brand "Dear Beaute HIMAWARI" will release a limited design product of the popular character "Moomin" on October 23rd. In addition to "Shampoo & Conditioner", "Distorted Deep Repair Mask" is also available for the first time in "Moomin" design.

The "Aurora scent" of "Shampoo & Conditioner" is a newly developed pinkberry floral scent inspired by the aurora that appears in the winter sky of Northern Europe. The package is a fantastic design depicting the aurora, which can only be seen in Finland, the hometown of Moomin.

Diabote Oil in Shampoo & Oil in Conditioner Moomin Design (Aurora Fragrance)

The "Scandinavian scent" of "Shampoo & Conditioner" is a Nordic air floral scent characterized by a transparent feeling that makes you want to take a deep breath in the great outdoors. The package depicts the Moomins spending a pleasant rainy time in the forest, and when left and right are combined, it becomes a single picture.

Diabote Oil in Shampoo & Oil in Conditioner Moomin Design (Scandinavian scent)

The first collaboration "Distorted Deep Repair Mask" is a three-dimensional "Moomin" design with reliefs (engraving) on the top and sides of the container lid. Intensive care for "hair distortion" leads to hair that is not affected by the external environment such as humidity and dryness for a long time.

Diabote Distortion Deep Repair Mask Moomin Design