Sumikko Gurashi Daisuki Rika-chan

TAKARATOMY will release collaborative toys with the popular character "Sumikko Gurashi" from October 24th. Available at toy specialty stores, internet shops, and the official Takara Tomy shopping site "Takara Tomy Mall" nationwide.

Attention is the "LD-08 Sumiko Gurashi Daisuki Rika-chan", which is a collaboration with the dress-up doll "Rika-chan", and the "Felty Sewing Machine Sumiko Gurashi", a sewing machine for children that does not use threads. Licca-chan comes with a cute dress with a Sumikogurashi character, a fried shrimp with the tail of "Ebifurai" as a motif, and a bag with the image of "Tapioca". The suggested retail price is 3,800 yen (all tax excluded below).

Sumikko Gurashi Daisuki Rika-chan

"Felty sewing machine Sumikogurashi" is a sewing machine that allows you to sew felt fabrics together without using threads to make small items. The needle part is covered with a cover, so children can play with peace of mind. The main body comes with a kit that allows you to make 5 small items such as mascots, charms, and pouches. The suggested retail price is 5,980 yen. A special set (2,000 yen) that allows you to make 11 small items is also available as an option.

Felty sewing machine Sumikogurashi
"Felty sewing machine Sumikogurashi" main body and accessories that can be made

Felty sewing machine Sumikogurashi

Felty sewing machine Sumikogurashi
Optional "Felty sewing machine Sumikogurashi exclusive set"

In addition, you can play with 8 different scales, "Sumikko Gurashi Sumiko Crane" where you can enjoy crane games with Sumikko Gurashi figures, and "Sumikko Gurashi Sumiko Catch DX" which is a liquid crystal toy that you can play with a special stick. Musical instrument toy "Munyumunyu Doremifa Sumikko Gurashi" is also available. Why don't you enjoy your family time with everyone at Sumikko Gurashi?

Sumiko Gurashi Sumiko Crane
"Sumikko Gurashi Sumiko Crane" (suggested retail price 7,980 yen)

Sumiko Gurashi Sumiko Catch DX
"Sumikko Gurashi Sumiko Catch DX" (suggested retail price 8,500 yen)

Munyumunyu Doremifa Sumikko Gurashi
Takara Tomy Arts "Munyumunyu Doremifa Sumikogurashi" (suggested retail price of 1,500 yen each)

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