"Nunocoto fabric" Christmas tree tapestry

Pre-sale of Christmas tree tapestries has started on the free paper pattern and cloth mail order site "nunocoto fabric". In 2020, four designs will be developed with two new overseas designers.

The Christmas tree tapestry, which can be used in a variety of situations such as homes with small children and pets, and the limited space of condominiums, is a popular item that is popular every year at the store. Continuing from last year, this year you can choose from a total of 4 types, 2 sizes each, with designs by Ms. Sakomomi and Toshiyuki Fukuda, and 2 overseas creators.

The details of the design and the selling price are as follows. Free shipping during the pre-sale period until October 31st, and an ornament kit for making handmade decorations is also available.

■ Designed by Mark Martin, an illustrator living in Australia

"Nunocoto fabric" Christmas tree tapestry

A design with an impressive red bird, unique to Australia, which celebrates Christmas in the summer. If you decorate it with illuminations, it will give you a warm impression.

■ Designed by Yu Soo-ji, an illustrator living in Korea

"Nunocoto fabric" Christmas tree tapestry

Buildings line up behind a large tree, designed in the image of urban Christmas. The tree itself is simple, so the impression will change dramatically depending on what kind of decoration you add.

■ Designed by picture book writer, illustrator, and Momomi Sako

"Nunocoto fabric" Christmas tree tapestry

The animals and ornaments in the tree have a similar color that makes them part of the shadow of the tree when viewed from a distance. If you take a closer look, the Advent numbers are hidden.

■ Designed by Toshiyuki Fukuda, a designer and illustrator

"Nunocoto fabric" Christmas tree tapestry

A sophisticated Scandinavian-style illustration design that makes a picture just by decorating it. Animals are drawn as if they had escaped from the picture book.

■ Sales price (tax included)
Christmas tapestry Large size 6,050 yen Christmas tapestry small size 4,070 yen Ornament kit (big star) 550 yen Ornament kit (Sakomomi) 1,980 yen Ornament kit (Toshiyuki Fukuda) 2,420 yen

"Nunocoto fabric" Christmas tree tapestry
Christmas ornament kit (Toshiyuki Fukuda)