Canmake 2020 October new work

Two colors of "Highlighter" are on sale from mid-October from Canmake. In addition, new colors will be released one by one from "Glow Fleur Cheeks", "Melty Luminous Rouge", "Melty Luminous Rouge (Tint Type)" and "Stay On Balm Rouge".

◆ Highlighter
A highlighter with a finish that allows fine powder to melt into the skin. It is hard to whiten and makes the skin look three-dimensional and bright. Contains 10 types of beauty essence ingredients, free of parabens, ethanol, UV absorbers, tar pigments, synthetic fragrances, and petroleum-based surfactants.

Canmake "Highlighter"

The colors are the gorgeous luminous type "L01 Champagne Gold" with a wet and glossy skin finish and the natural type "N01 Silky Beige" with an elegant glossy skin finish. The price is 605 yen (tax included, same below).

◆ Glow Fleur Cheeks
A popular cheek with 4 colors in one palette. The moist powder adheres to the skin, and the freshly applied color lasts until evening. A delicate pearl blend gives a glossy finish. Contains beauty moisturizing ingredients and plant / fruit extracts (moisturizing ingredients), and is free of mineral oil, UV absorbers, fragrances, and alcohol.

Canmake "Glow Fleur Cheeks"

The new color "14 Rose Tea Fleur" is a pink-brown with a chic sweetness that has a sensual appeal. Red pearl creates a mature look. The price is 880 yen.

◆ Melty Luminous Rouge
"Raw rare rouge" that melts and adheres to your lips. With glossy oil, it has an elegant luster and brightens the complexion with a color that does not allow the color of the lips to show through. Vaseline moisturizes lips and keeps the finish plump and firm.

Canmake "Melty Luminous Rouge"

The new color "06 Vital Ruby Chocolate" is an exquisite pink brown that is both mature and cute. The price is 880 yen.

Canmake "Melty Luminous Rouge"

◆ Melty Luminous Rouge (Tint type)
Rouge that keeps transparent color for a long time with tint effect. It spreads and adheres to the lips, and Vaseline prevents the lips from becoming rough and dry.

Canmake "Melty Luminous Rouge (Tint Type)"

The new color "T04 Sweet Ganash" is an adult-colored royal road brown. It is deep and moderately reddish, creating a natural complexion. The price is 880 yen.

Canmake "Melty Luminous Rouge (Tint Type)"

◆ Stay On Balm Rouge A lipstick that achieves "moisturizing power of lip balm", "coloring of lipstick", "gloss gloss", and "UV cut (SPF11 / PA +)". Contains 10 types of beauty moisturizing ingredients such as honey, shea butter, and jojoba oil to moisturize your lips while you apply them.

Canmake "Stay On Balm Rouge"

The new color "19 Ruby Primrose" is a wine red with a sensual appeal. The bluish color is recommended for people of all ages. The price is 638 yen.

Canmake "Stay On Balm Rouge"