Starbucks, the first holiday season limited goods --tumblers and card gifts full of Christmas mood

The first holiday season limited edition goods from Starbucks will be released on November 6th. It will be sold at stores nationwide (excluding some products) and official online stores (excluding some products). The sale period is from November 6th to December 25th, 2020. Scheduled to end as soon as it runs out.

This year's first holiday season limited edition goods are designed with motifs such as ribbons, candy canes, and ornaments in a simple and bold combination of colors and patterns to give a new impression. The lineup includes stainless steel bottles with gold dot ribbons, stainless steel TOGO cups with emerald green and ivory stripes, and tumblers with snowboy and fir tree figures inside. Popular bearlisters and ornaments also appear every year.

The lineup is as follows. The listed price does not include tax.

■ Product name / price

Starbucks, the first holiday season limited goods --tumblers and card gifts full of Christmas mood

1. 1. Holiday 2020 Kettle Red 550ml (18.6us fl oz) (3,900 yen)
2. Holiday 2020 Tumbler Red Lamp 355ml (12us fl oz) (2,600 yen)
3. 3. Holiday 2020 Red Cup Mug 355ml (12us fl oz) (1,800 yen)
Four. Holiday 2020 Bear Lista Dog (3,000 yen)
Five. Holiday 2020 Carved Stainless Bottle Red 355ml (12us fl oz) (3,900 yen)
6. Holiday 2020 Stainless Bottle Bears 350ml (11.83us fl oz) (3,900 yen)
7,8. Holiday 2020 Organic Cotton Gift Bag Red / Green (350 yen each)
9. Holiday 2020 Pencil Case & Pass Case Cups (3,200 yen)
10,11. Holiday 2020 Starbucks Campus Ring Notebook Red / Green (480 yen each)
12. Holiday 2020 Mug Polar Bear 355ml (12us fl oz) (2,600 yen)
13. Holiday 2020 Bottle Ribbon Lid 443ml (14.98us fl oz) (2,000 yen)
14. Holiday 2020 Tumbler Polar Bear 355ml (12us fl oz) (1,800 yen)
15. 15. Holiday 2020 mug candle 237ml (8.01us fl oz) (2,500 yen)
16. Holiday 2020 Ornament Cold Cup (650 yen)
17. Holiday 2020 Ornament Cinnamon Roll (950 yen)
18. Holiday 2020 Ornament Mug Candy Cane (950 yen)
19. Holiday 2020 Ornament Red Cup (950 yen)
20. Holiday 2020 Ornament Polar Bear (1,200 yen)
twenty one. Holiday 2020 Stainless ToGo Logo Tumbler Red 473ml (15.99us fl oz) (3,900 yen)
twenty two. Holiday 2020 Stainless TOGO Cup Tumbler Stripe 355ml (12us fl oz) (3,600 Yen)
twenty three. Holiday 2020 Handy Stainless Bottle Ribbon 500ml (16.91us fl oz) (4,400 yen)
twenty four. Holiday 2020 Tumbler Snowboy 296ml (10.01us fl oz) (2,100 yen)
twenty five. Holiday 2020 Silicon Lid Stainless Cup Charm Snow 355ml (12us fl oz) (3,100 yen)
26. Holiday 2020 Snow Globe Candle (4,800 yen)
27. Holiday 2020 Mug Candy Cane 355ml (12us fl oz) (1,900 yen)
28. Holiday 2020 Starbucks Mini Cup Gift (950 Yen)
29. Holiday 2020 Beverage Card Holiday Stripe (620 yen)
30. Holiday 2020 Food & Beverage Card Polar Bear (1,000 yen)
31. Holiday 2020 Starbucks Card Gift (1,418 yen ~~ * Materials 380 yen + tax, deposit 1,000 yen or more)

* 7,8 "Holiday 2020 Organic Cotton Gift Bag Red / Green" is a paid gift bag. Cannot be purchased separately. Sales start from November 1st * 31 "Holiday 2020 Starbucks Card Gift" will be on sale from November 1st