No eggs needed! "Persimmon pudding" made from two ingredients
The only ingredients are persimmon and milk. A mysterious pudding recipe with a delicious fluffy texture. The point is to use well-ripened persimmons.
Material ( 2 )
Persimmon (well-ripened) 1 piece
milk Half the amount of persimmon
Persimmon pudding recipe
This is worth remembering

Please try it when the persimmons are delicious! Introducing the recipe for the mysterious sweet "Kaki Pudding" that does not use eggs or gelatin.

Ingredients (for 2 people)

Persimmon pudding recipe

・ 1 persimmon (well-ripened) ・ Half the amount of milk persimmon

How to make

1. 1. The persimmon removes the shavings, skin and seeds, and the flesh is pureed with a mixer or blender.

Persimmon pudding recipe

Add milk to 2.1, mix well, pour into a bowl and chill in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

Persimmon pudding recipe
Immediately pour milk

Persimmon pudding recipe
Completed when cooled and hardened

I was skeptical that it would harden just by mixing it, but it had a soft mousse-like texture. The taste that makes use of only the sweetness of persimmon is close to that of milk pudding, and the slightly flavored persimmon is as elegant as almond tofu, so it's delicious anyway! If you want a strong sweetness, you can add sugar or honey (personally, persimmon was enough).

Persimmon pudding recipe

By the way, it seems that the pudding hardens because the pectin contained in the persimmon reacts with the protein in milk (the same principle as "Fruche"). There are two tips to make it work well: "use well-ripened persimmons" and "cook quickly after peeling the persimmons" . We recommend persimmons that say "it has become a little softer". Please use it as a recipe for relieving persimmons that have become ripe because they cannot be eaten.