Rosette face-wash pasta sea mud smooth pine candy scent

A limited number of "Rosette Facial Cleansing Pasta Sea Mud Smooth Pine Ame Fragrance Original Pouch Set" will be released on November 17th. Available at variety shops, drug stores (excluding some stores), and official rosette online shops nationwide. The price is 800 yen (excluding tax).

A face-wash foam that is a collaboration between the sweet and sour juicy scent "Pine Ame" and Rosette's long-selling series "Rosette Face-Washing Pasta Sea Mud Smooth". When you whisk with your palm, the sweet and sour scent of eating pine candy spreads softly.

Care for the problems of pores that are worrisome due to the action of sea mud powder that is rich in minerals. Sea mud grown in ancient nature has innumerable fine holes, and firmly adsorbs and removes old keratin and dirt on pores. Uses skin-friendly plant-derived cleansing ingredients. Rose fruit extract tightens the skin. Color-free, mineral oil-free.

The bright yellow package is designed with a cute pineapple motif. A clear pouch with a pine pattern is included as a set, making it convenient to carry around when traveling. Recommended for small gifts.