Mechanical pencil "Kurutoga Snoopy"

From the mechanical pencil "Kurutoga" of Mitsubishi Pencil, a limited quantity model that collaborated with the popular character "Snoopy" has appeared. It will be on sale from November 10th.

Kurtuga is a mechanical pencil equipped with a "Kurtoga engine" whose core rotates little by little each time you write. By keeping the core sharp at all times, "thin and clear writing" writing has become popular, and a total of more than 100 million books have been sold in the series.

In this collaboration product, Snoopy, his best friend Charlie Brown, and sunglasses are the trademark Joe Cool designed from the comic "PEANUTS", which celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. A total of "Kurutoga Standard Model Snoopy" (core diameter 0.3mm) with a simple white shaft and "Kurutoga Rubber Grip Model Snoopy Series" (core diameter 0.5mm) with three shaft colors of blue, yellow-green, and orange. It will be developed in 4 variations.

The reference price is 650 yen for the standard model and 850 yen for the model with rubber grip (both tax excluded).