Menu with Kentucky Snoopy bowl

A limited number of menus with "Snoopy Bowl" will be on sale from November 18th at KFC stores nationwide. Reservations will be accepted at stores from November 4th.

This year, packs and set menus with the Kentucky original design "Snoopy Bowl" will be released. In line with the 50th anniversary of the founding of KFC Japan, Snoopy and his friends are gathering together at a celebration party, making it a size that is easy to use.

Menu with Kentucky Snoopy bowl

There are 4 variations: red, green, orange, and blue. Blue with the "PEANUTS 70th Anniversary Logo" and Snoopy siblings is a rare bowl that is less available than the other three types. There is also a mechanism to connect the patterns by stacking 4 types.

Menu with Kentucky Snoopy bowl
Individual packaging box is also illustrated

In addition, Snoopy will appear in the kids' menu goods from November 4th. "Fun Shokuji! Snoopy Spoon & Fork Set" comes with a "PEANUTS 70th Anniversary Logo" and 4 color spoons and forks linked to the bowl.

Menu with Kentucky Snoopy bowl

The sales outline is as follows. * Price includes tax

■ Outline of menu with Snoopy bowl (Bowl types cannot be selected except for complete packs)
・ "Sand set with snoopy bowl" 1,230 yen [Chicken fillet sand *, potato (S), drink (M), bowl] * You can also choose "Japanese chicken cutlet sandwich" ・ "Chicken set with snoopy bowl" 1,230 yen [Original chicken 2 pieces, potato (S), drink (M), bowl]
・ "A pack with Snoopy bowl" 1,530 yen [Original chicken 2 pieces, kernel crispy 2 pieces, potato (S), bowl]
・ "B pack with Snoopy bowl" 1,530 yen [Original chicken 3 pieces, potato (L), bowl]
・ "Complete pack" 4,980 yen [2 vouchers (2 pieces of original chicken, potatoes (S)), 4 bowls]

Kentucky Snoopy Complete Pack with Bowl
"Complete pack" with all 4 types

■ Kids menu overview (released on November 4, limited quantity)
・ "Kids nugget set" 500 yen [3 pieces of nugget, potato (S), drink (S), 1 goods]
・ "Kids crispy set" 500 yen [Kernel crispy, potatoes (S), drinks (S), 1 merchandise]

■ Sales stores
KFC stores nationwide * Some stores do not sell. * Business hours may be changed or closed at some stores according to the policies of each local government.