Lux Super Rich Shine Beauty & Shine Shampoo / Conditioner

From the hair care series "Lux Super Rich Shine", a limited edition product "Lux Super Rich Shine Beauty & Shine Shampoo / Conditioner" featuring the story of the movie "Beauty and the Beast" will be released on November 24th. A wash-off treatment designed with the character of "Beauty and the Beast" and a non-wash-out treatment oil are also available at the same time.

"Beauty and the Beast" was released in Japan in 1992 and is a Disney animated film that has been loved for many years. It is a story about the true love of a beautiful prince who has been transformed into a beast by the curse of a witch, and a lively and independent woman Bell who dreams of a wide world.

This product is realized by sympathizing with the story of a work that depicts a bright and beautiful woman who "lives by believing in her own brilliance" by Lux, which supports women to shine in their own way. A new formula inspired by the magical roses that are the key to the work is adopted.

Contains premium gold hyaluronic acid oil (moisturizing ingredient) and eternal rose extract (moisturizing ingredient). Even in winter when hair tends to be dry, it leads to glossy and cohesive hair. A crushing and fascinating rose scent (with fragrance).

The package expresses the world view of "Beauty and the Beast" in yellow and gold, which are the image colors of the main character Belle. It is a limited design that makes you feel gorgeous in the bathroom.

In addition, "Lux Super Rich Shine Damage Repair Rich Repair Treatment / Moisture Rich Moisturizing Treatment" and "Lux Super Rich Shine Damage Repair Rich Repair Oil" are also available in a limited design.

Lux Super Rich Shine Beauty & Shine

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