Scandinavian design from the mast cutter "Calcut Clip" --Mobile scissors "Sakusa Poche"

From Kokuyo's masking tape cutter " Calcut (clip type) " (hereinafter "Calcut clip") and mobile scissors " Sakusa Poche ", a limited pattern "Nordic Forest" with a Scandinavian taste has appeared. It will be sold in limited quantities from December 23rd.

The "Calcut Clip" is a tape cutter for masking tape that can be easily replaced by simply pinching it and the cut end is beautifully finished with a specially processed blade. Immediately after its launch in 2017, it has been gaining high support mainly from women who love masking tape.

"Sakusa Poche" is a pen-type portable scissors that slides and does not have a cap. You can start cutting quickly with one hand, and you don't have to worry about losing the cap. The "3D glueless structure blade" that prevents glue from sticking to the inside of the blade makes it less sticky even when masking tape is cut.

This limited edition "Nordic Forest" is a Scandinavian design with an illustration with a unique story in the background. You can enjoy it by combining it with a pattern with your favorite masking tape, or by collecting "Calcut Clip" and "Crispy Poche" together.

Scandinavian design from the mast cutter "Calcut Clip" --Mobile scissors "Sakusa Poche"

The manufacturer's suggested retail price (excluding tax) is 380 yen for the 10 to 15 mm width and 400 yen for the 20 to 25 mm width of the "Calcut Clip Limited Pattern (Nordic Forest)". "Sakusa Poche Limited Pattern (Nordic Forest)" is 750 yen. Prior to its release in December, it will be sold in limited quantities at the "Stationery Women's Expo 2020" (November 27-29) held at the Tokyo Ryutsu Center.