John Masters Organic Holiday Fragrance Items

From the 2020 Holiday Collection of john masters organics, three fragrance items that will enrich your feelings are on sale in limited quantities. Handled at directly managed stores and official online stores.

"Roll-on fragrance balance" is an urban scent that combines bright impressions such as orange and bergamot with Japanese nuances such as cypress and frankincense. The image is a scent that will support you when you suddenly stop and want to balance your life. A mini bottle of roll-on oil, perfect for moisturizing small parts such as nails and fingertips. The price is 8mL 3,900 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

John Masters Organics "Roll-on Fragrance Balance"

"Fragrance Balm Affection" is a blend of citrus fruits such as yuzu and lime and warm wood such as pine needle and cypress. The scent is inspired by people who are affectionate and kind, and who are very sensitive. Recommended for moisturizing nails and hair. The price is 6g (0.21oz) 3,200 yen.

John Masters Organics "Fragrance Balm Affection"

"Body Mist Revival" is a blend of radiant impressions that spreads citrus such as lemon and bergamot and shifts to a calm scent such as lavender and cedar wood. Imagine a scent that will be a talisman when you want to feel bright and positive, or when you want to meet a new self. A single blow spreads the moisture of the mist and gives the body a fresh scent. The price is 100mL 3,800 yen.

John Masters Organics "Body Mist Revival"