Opera "Lip Tint N" 201 Cosmic Pink & 202 Glimmer Red

The reprinted colors "201 Cosmic Pink" and "202 Glimmer Red" of "Opera Lip Tint N" will be released on November 25th at the official Imyu online store. The price is 1,500 yen each (excluding tax).

"201 Cosmic Pink" and "202 Glimmer Red" were released as limited edition colors in 2018, and became explosively popular and sold out immediately. There are still many hot voices requesting resale, so we decided to reprint in response to those voices.

Opera "Lip Tint N" 201 Cosmic Pink & 202 Glimmer Red

"201 Cosmic Pink" is a cool and romantic pink with a mysterious brilliance. Glittering stardust glitter is trapped in the night sky in a transparent blue nuanced pink.

201 Cosmic Pink of Opera "Lip Tint N"

"202 Glimmer Red" is a next-generation red with a feminine yet pure look and full of new charm. The pure, clear red is studded with silver glitter that looks like crystal shards.

202 Glimmer Red in Opera "Lip Tint N"

"Lip Tint N" is a tint formula that elicits a complexion in response to the moisture in the lips, making it ideal for lip makeup items when wearing a mask. A lip care oil-based formula that retains a natural complexion and moisturization even under a mask.