Lux Body Soap Yuzu & Ginger

From the LUX body soap series, the winter limited edition "Lux Body Soap Yuzu & Ginger" will be released nationwide on November 24th. The price is open.

In response to the need to emphasize "good scent" when purchasing body soap, it is loved as a winter tradition, and in recent years, attention has been paid to "Yuzu", which is popular in the shampoo and body soap market. The first "Yuzu & Ginger" in the history of Lux Body Soap will be unfolded. A warm scent that is perfect for winter.

Lux Body Soap Yuzu & Ginger

"Lux Body Soap Yuzu & Ginger" uses a triple aroma that changes over time. The delicate and rich scent of yuzu and ginger (with fragrance) woven by three types of triple aromas, the refreshing scent of yuzu at the beginning, the scent of middle rose and musk at the bottom wraps the whole body softly over time. increase. Wearing a fruity scent containing essential oils, you can shine from the inside.

Lux Body Soap Yuzu & Ginger Fragrance

Contains premium gold hyaluronic acid oil, similar to the "Lux Super Rich Shine Hair Care Series". The "penetration care formula" that gently cleanses with high-quality foam allows the moisturizing ingredients to penetrate into the stratum corneum, leading to naturally fragrant and glossy skin.