Magnet Kitchen Paper & Wrap Holder Tosca

Yamazaki Kogyo is developing new products for kitchen storage, such as magnet-type holders and tray stands. Details of each product are as follows.

■ Magnet Kitchen Paper & Wrap Holder Tosca

Magnet Kitchen Paper & Wrap Holder Tosca

A holder that can be easily attached to the side of the refrigerator with a magnet. You can store frequently used wraps and kitchen paper all at once. The kitchen paper is compatible with large format overseas products. With a height of about 20 cm, it is also suitable for small refrigerators and when there is little space on the side of the refrigerator.

■ Tray stand tower

Yamazaki Business Tray Stand

A tray stand that can store kitchen trays and oven tops that are difficult to store in the gaps in the kitchen. It is also suitable for storing hot plate replacement top plates. It also helps organize the drawers in the kitchen.

■ Pottery canister tower where you can see the contents

Yamazaki Business Pottery Canister

A pottery canister that allows you to see the contents and is easy to use. The pottery body is also compatible with microwave ovens. Stackable, useful for cooking and food storage.

■ Range hood multifunctional rack tower

Range hood multifunction rack

A rack that can be used as a storage space for kitchen accessories and cooking utensils just by hooking it on the microwave oven. The top is a convenient holder that can be used quickly when you want to use wraps, kitchen tools, spice bottles, etc. The center is a hanger that can store kitchen paper and cloth. Comes with 5 hooks to help you hang your cooking utensils.