Yamazaki Business Dishwasher Rack

As new products from Yamazaki Kogyo, hanger racks and dishwasher racks that are useful for cleaning up children are being developed. Details of each product are as follows.

■ Hanger rack tower with kids panel

Yamazaki business hanger rack

A hanger rack that can store school bags, uniforms, timetables, and everything you need. It is convenient to attach a timetable or letter to the panel part. The pedestal is a large rack that can store luggage that cannot be hung. In addition to the main body hook, there is a hook that is convenient for storing small items.

■ Telescopic dishwasher rack tower

Yamazaki Business Dishwasher Rack

A dishwasher rack that can be expanded and contracted and passed to the sink. The depth is about 36 cm. Because it is tall, you can use the lower part spaciously even if you put it in the cooking space. With an adjuster, it corresponds to the step of the sink up to about 1.5 cm.

■ Stepping stone tower

Yamazaki Business Step Tower

A stepping stone that can reach places that were too high to reach. A simple and stylish design with a wooden top plate that fits well in the interior. It can also be used as a stool when putting on and taking off shoes.