Cordless cleaner stand for Dyson, etc. --New storage item from Yamazaki Kogyo

New storage items from Yamazaki Kogyo. "Cordless cleaner stand tower M & DS", "interior storage box phosphorus", "separate towel holder tower 4 stations", etc. are being developed. Details of each product are as follows.

■ Cordless cleaner stand Tower M & DS

Cordless Cleaner Stand Tower M & DS

Dedicated stand for Dyson Micro 1.5kg and Dyson Digital Slim. The cordless cleaner can be stored slimly without making holes in the wall.

■ Interior storage box Rin

Interior storage box Rin

A large-capacity storage box with a width of 45 cm with a convenient movable partition. It is useful in the living room, children's room, kitchen, toilet, etc. You can use it anywhere, such as remote controls, kids' items, and sanitary items.

■ Sorting towel holder 4 towers

Sorting towel holder tower 4 stations

4 holders that can be used by the family. It can be installed simply by inserting it into the sink door. You can insert up to 4 towels or cloths with your fingers. It can also be mounted on the wall using the included wood screws.

■ Stove back gap rack tower 2 steps

Stove back gap rack tower 2 steps

A two-stage rack that firmly guards against oil splashes and cooking stains by placing it in the gap at the back of the stove. It can store plenty of cooking utensils and spices, and can also be used as a rack around a built-in type stove. Since the shelf board opens upward, you can open and close the main gas valve while it is installed.