Steam cream "MIFFY & FLOWERS / Miffy and Ohana" "MIFFY & FRUITS / Miffy and fruit"

The steam cream brand will release a colorful Miffy-designed "Steam Cream" on April 7th. The price is 1,848 yen (tax included). Limited quantity.

The steam cream "MIFFY & FLOWERS" is designed with Miffy happily raising his hand surrounded by colorful flowers. Surrounded by warm sunlight, you can feel like you are relaxing in the flower garden with Miffy.

Steam cream "MIFFY & FLOWERS / Miffy and Ohana"

The steam cream "MIFFY & FRUITS" is designed with Miffy and fresh fruits that color the seasons. Colorful fruits of red, yellow and purple will lift your mood.

Steam cream "MIFFY & FRUITS"

Steam cream is a moisturizing cream for the whole body with 98.5% natural ingredients and 100% natural essential oils. The raw material, oats, is said to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects, and has been used for moisturizing and protecting the skin since Roman times. It is rich in natural compounds called vitamin E, ferulic acid, and aventramide, which are said to prevent dullness and relieve itching and inflammation of the skin due to dryness.

It also features a steam emulsification method in which raw materials are mixed with high-temperature steam (steam). Minimizes emulsifiers and delivers the goodness of natural ingredients to the skin more directly.

The main customers are the official steam cream online store, the permanent steam cream shop, the events of famous department stores nationwide, and some variety shops.

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