Wonder Honey "Cool Handy Sorbet" "Scented Aqua Jure Essence" "Cool Shower Sheet for Refreshing Bare Skin"

From the Wonder Honey series of cosmetics brand "VECUA Honey" using honey, "Cool Handy Sorbet", "Scented Aqua Jelly Essence" and "Cool Shower Sheet for Refreshing Bare Skin" are on sale in limited quantities. A refreshing aroma item that makes you feel the arrival of spring.

◆ Wonder Honey Cool Handy Solve [br /] A watery gel with a sherbet-like texture that changes and spreads freshly on the skin. The refreshing sensation of 3 types of etiquette herbs and long-lasting menthol will make your hands smoother. The refreshing aroma effect also covers the odor of sweat. The price is 800 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Wonder Honey Cool Handy Sorbet

Citrus sorbet: A scent of grapefruit made into a cold sorbet. Clean but juicy.
Sabonbebe: A gentle scent like a fluffy towel. Pure fruity floral.
White Magnolia: A refreshing scent of magnolia mixed with flowers and lemon.

◆ Wonder Honey Fragrant Aqua Jure Essence [br /] Hair essence that repairs damaged hair and makes it glittery and shiny. In addition to honey, it contains ceramide nanocapsules, which have a hair repairing effect and high penetrating power, and two types of seaweed extracts. The aroma smells like fresh shampoo. The scent is citrus sorbet, white magnolia, and sabon sorbet. The price is 1,400 yen.

Wonder Honey Fragrant Aqua Jure Essence

◆ Wonder Honey Bare Skin Refreshing Cool Shower Sheet [br /] A body wipe that wipes off sweaty skin stains and old keratin, and refreshes the bare skin with the refreshing sensation of menthol. Moisturizes the skin and refreshes the mood with a fluffy aroma. The scents are citrus sorbet, sabon sorbet, and white magnolia. The price is 300 yen.

Wonder Honey Bare skin refreshing cool shower sheet