"Tully's Mask" using coffee bean husk thread

"Tully's Mask" using coffee bean husk thread is now available from Tully's Coffee Japan. It will be on sale at all Tully's Coffee stores from March 26th. The price (tax included, same below) is 660 yen.

The "Tully's Mask", which is called "Sustainable Mask", is a mask that uses a thread called "S.café" that uses bean husks after coffee extraction and recycled PET bottles. The fabric is woven with "S. café" thread and rayon, and has a cool contact feeling and antibacterial effect, and the ear strap has an adjustable adjuster. The color is light gray, which is easy for both men and women to use.

"Tully's Mask" using coffee bean husk thread

The size is about 13.5 cm in height x 23 cm in width. Efficacy is cool contact, UV protection, antibacterial. Tully's coffee beans are not used in "S.café".

Tully's also sells "Tully's FOOD TEXTILE tote (drip coffee)". The table dough is dyed with Tully's drip coffee extract husks. The size is width (maximum) 350 mm x length 240 mm x gusset 100 mm. The price is 2,640 yen.

Tully's tote bag