Bourbon sells in-house manufactured masks --Part of sales goes to the Japanese Red Cross Society

Masks made from Japanese materials produced at Bourbon's Kashiwazaki Plant will be on sale to the general public on March 29th. It is available at the Bourbon online shop.

Since November 2020, Bourbon has been manufacturing in-house to ensure the stability of masks used daily in its business activities. In view of the prolonged spread of new coronavirus infections, the general sale of "50-sheet non-woven mask" has been decided as part of social contribution activities. A portion of the sales of the "50-sheet non-woven mask" will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society as a response to the new coronavirus infection.

Bourbon mask

The product outline is as follows. As a precaution, it is stated that "masks do not completely prevent infection (invasion)".

Target: Cold, pollen, dust, etc. Body: Polypropylene Ear string: Polyethylene terephthalate, Polyurethane Nose fitter: Polyethylene Number of sheets: 50 sheets / box x 2 boxes * Sales at Bourbon online shop are in units of 2 boxes * Masks up to 12 boxes per person Size: Approximately 17.5 cm x 9 cm Normal size Price: 3,300 yen / 2 boxes (tax included, free shipping)
Performance: Uses a filter that cuts pollen, virus droplets, etc. by 99%