Hakone Lulurun (moist hydrangea scent)

From the face mask "Travel Lulurun", "Hakone Lulurun (moist hydrangea scent)" will be released on April 15th. The content is 1 piece x 5 bags, and the price is 1,650 yen (tax included).

"Travel Lululun" is a region-limited series that makes use of the secrets of beauty, a material that can only be found in that region. So far, face masks using various ingredients and plants such as Sakaki from Ise, Olive from Shodoshima, Jiuqu from Tokyo, and Shine Muscat from Nagano have been developed.

This time, "Travel Lulurun" met "Hydrangea" on the Hakonetozan Line. From mid-June to mid-July, the hydrangea that blooms beautifully beside the railroad tracks is a famous place and is loved as the "hydrangea train". "Hakone Lulurun (moist hydrangea scent)" was born with the desire to further convey that hydrangea through Lulurun's face mask.

Hakone Tozan Train Hydrangea

A face mask that leads to fresh and moisturized skin, like a hydrangea that blooms moistly in the rain. In addition to the original ingredient "hydrangea flower extract", "has flower extract" and "eggplant fruit extract" are blended. It was created with the aim of revitalizing the foundation of the skin with a face mask and achieving fully moisturized skin.

Hakone Lulurun (moist hydrangea scent)

Available at Hakone Yumoto Station, Gora Station, Odawara Station, souvenir shops near Hakone, etc.