"Listerine Coconut Splash" Limited quantity--Refresh with summer coconut flavor

New coconut flavored product "Listerine Coconut Splash (liquid toothpaste)" from the mouthwash brand "Listerine" is now available. It will be available for a limited time from April 19th.

Listerine is a seasonal flavor that follows "Listerine Peach Mint " (released in January 2021), which has gained popularity among female users in their 20s and 30s. Uses a summery coconut flavor. The mild non-alcoholic prescription is said to be easy to use even for people who are not good at irritation.

The fresh "coconut flavor" wraps the mouth and supports daily oral care while having the effects and effects required for mouthwash such as prevention of bad breath and tartar deposits and tooth whitening. It can be used to prevent bad breath and refresh the mouth in the coming season when the stuffiness inside the mask and bad breath when wearing the mask become more worrisome due to the rise in temperature.

A refreshing, summery package design with coconut based on a pale color. Seasonal flavored products will continue to be released in the fall and winter seasons.

■ Overview of "Listerine Coconut Splash" [br /] Release date (manufacturer shipping): April 19, 2021 Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 498 yen (excluding tax)
Capacity: 500 mL (for about 25 doses)
Effect / Efficacy: Prevents bad breath and tartar deposits. Whiten teeth.
Type: Liquid toothpaste Usage / Dose: Put an appropriate amount of about 20 mL in your mouth for about 30 seconds and brush.
Sales channel: Pharmacies / pharmacies nationwide, EC sites, etc. Brand name: Listerine G2L

* Limited quantity products will be discontinued as soon as they are out of stock.