Daiso "heat resistant glass bowl" is recommended! For microwave cooking & cake making

You can use it in a microwave oven or oven to improve cooking ♪ I will introduce the charm of my favorite Daiso "heat-resistant glass bowl " in four points.

Daiso heat resistant glass bowl
Excellent item of 220 yen (tax included) per piece

Benefits of heat-resistant glass bowl

1. 1. Perfect for microwave cooking

Daiso heat resistant glass bowl

Perfect for mixing and mixing ingredients, as well as for microwave cooking. Since it is more resistant to heat than plastic containers, there is no need to worry about it melting or deforming.

Daiso heat resistant glass bowl
Put ingredients and lentin

Daiso heat resistant glass bowl
The depth makes it difficult for the juice to jump out.

It's not too big and not too small, so I had the idea of making hamburger steak in this bowl and microwave it as it is. In addition to saving the trouble of molding, it is finished in a fashionable dome shape that also serves as hospitality.

Daiso heat resistant glass bowl
Mix the tofu hamburger ingredients in a bowl and

Daiso heat resistant glass bowl
Prepare the surface,

Daiso heat resistant glass bowl
Chin in the microwave

Daiso heat resistant glass bowl
Turn it over to make a dome-shaped hamburger

2. Perfect for making sweets

Daiso heat resistant glass bowl

The neck of the stainless steel bowl, which is often used for making sweets, is that it cannot be microwaved. With a heat-resistant glass bowl, you can microwave butter and chocolate, saving you the trouble of boiling water.

The transparent glass has the great advantage that you can check the mixing condition of the cake dough from the outside. You can avoid some cake making, such as "I noticed that the flour had accumulated at the bottom of the bowl after transferring the dough to the mold."

Daiso heat resistant glass bowl
You can also check the mixing condition of flour etc. from the side of the bowl

3. 3. Easy to wash

Daiso heat resistant glass bowl

While plastic containers are light and easy to handle, they tend to leave sticky oil stains. In that respect, the glass container is thrilled to fall off just by stroking it with a sponge. You can also use the dishwasher, which greatly reduces the burden of washing.

Four. Resistant to dirt and scratches

As you continue to use plastic, you will notice color transfer, odor transfer, and small scratches. Glass is not immune to deterioration, but its resistance to dirt and scratches is excellent. If you handle it carefully, you can continue to use it comfortably for a long time.

What are the disadvantages?

If you dare to mention the disadvantage, it is heavy and there is a risk of cracking. Also, the size of 15 cm in diameter and 880 ml in capacity may be halfway and difficult to use for some people. There are different preferences such as thickness and shape, so it is safe to consider purchasing after comparing with other companies' glass bowl products.

The price (tax included) of Daiso's "heat-resistant glass bowl" is 220 yen per piece. If you cook in the microwave or make sweets, why not add it to your kitchen utensils?

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Daiso heat-resistant glass container
Recommended for pre-made storage "Daiso Heat Resistant Glass Container"