Thermos Vacuum Insulated Mobile Mug to Support Raptor Conservation Activities in Hokkaido

"Thermos Vacuum Insulated Mobile Mug (JNR-351IRBJ / 501IRBJ)" that supports raptor conservation activities in Hokkaido is now available. From April 23, it will be sold at the directly managed "Thermos Styling Store" and "Thermos Online Shop".

Thermos, which develops thermos products, started working with the Raptor Medical Research Institute in 2017 with the aim of supporting raptor conservation activities in Hokkaido. Launched the original design "Thermos Vacuum Insulated Mobile Mug (JNR-500IRBJ)", and a part of the proceeds from the sales of endangered wild animals such as Steller's sea eagle, white-tailed eagle, and Blakiston's owl through the Raptor Medical Research Institute. It is used for protection.

The "JNR-351IRBJ / 501IRBJ" that appeared this time is a new design of the original design bottle. A new 0.35L size has also been added. 2 sizes, 3 types in total.

Thermos Vacuum Insulated Mobile Mug (JNR-351IRBJ / 501IRBJ)

Thermos Vacuum Insulated Mobile Mug (JNR-351IRBJ / 501IRBJ)

What is the Raptor Medical Research Institute?
The Institute for Raptor Biomedicine Japan is a veterinary hospital specializing in wildlife that works on the theme of conservation medicine. By investigating the cause of injuries or corpse-contained individuals and conducting on-site investigations, we can unravel problems such as environmental changes and the effects we humans have, and propose specific countermeasures. And trying to run.

Rescue of rare species, investigation of causes of injury and illness, improvement of habitat (environmental treatment), dissemination / enlightenment, research / research, utilization of lifelong breeding individuals, international exchange, etc. [Activity base]
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Inside the Kushiro Marsh Wildlife Conservation Center, Ministry of the Environment