Simple new standard "Francfranc Std." Price range that is easy to buy online

From the interior shop "Francfranc", a new line "Francfranc Std." Specializing in online sales has appeared. It is being sold sequentially at official online shops and mall shopping sites.

Online only Francfranc Std.

The concept of Francfranc Std. Is "Simple, like Francfranc." This is a new standard series that responds to the voice of "I want to use simple things for a long time". Even if it is basic without gorgeous decoration, we develop a design that does not forget the fun like Francfranc. It is said that it was particular about the ease of buying online with quality that can be used for a long time and a price range centered on the 1,000 yen to 3,000 yen range.

An example of the product is as follows. The listed price includes tax.

■ Std. Apron

Simple new standard "Francfranc Std." Price range that is easy to buy online

A long length apron with a unisex size and a simple design. Made of polyester cotton, which is breathable, quick-drying, and soft to the touch.

Available in gray / black. Free size (length approx. 90 cm, width approx. 86.5 cm). The price is 2,000 yen.

■ Std. Face towel / Bath towel

Francfranc Std. Specializing in online sales

Towels produced in the Senshu area of Osaka, the birthplace of the Japanese towel industry about 130 years ago. Both face towels and bath towels have a simple design and color with a convenient size design. Scheduled to be sold from the end of May.

Available in white / dark brown / dark gray / black navy. The face towel is 33 cm x 82 cm and the price is 770 yen. Bath towels are 60 cm x 120 cm and the price is 1,650 yen.

■ Std. Fragrance Diffuser

Francfranc Std. Specializing in online sales

A fragrance diffuser in a craft box made of 100% recycled paper, using a clean and transparent bottle made in Japan specially made for putting lotion and liquor. Five types of scents that are familiar to Japanese people.

The type is RYOKUCHA / HINOKI / RINGO / YUZU / GETTOU. The content is 150 ml and the price is 1,980 yen.

* Product name, price, specifications, and release date are subject to change.