Canmake "Oil Block Mineral Powder" "3way Slim Eye Rouge Liner"

"Oil Block Mineral Powder" and "3way Slim Eye Rouge Liner" are on sale from the end of April from Canmake. In addition, new colors such as "Lighting Liquid Eyes", "Cream Cheek" and "Foundation Colors" are also available.

Oil block mineral powder

Loose powder that suppresses shine and stickiness and keeps freshly made smooth skin for a long time. Removes dullness and tones up, blurring pores and giving matte skin. Consists of 95% mineral components, 7 free formulations (ultraviolet absorber, surfactant, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, synthetic colorant, fragrance, alcohol free). When used separately, it can be removed with face wash and soap. SPF16 / PA ++. The price is 748 yen (tax included, same below).

Canmake "Oil Block Mineral Powder"

3way slim eye rouge liner

"Sheer rouge liner" that can be used for double emphasis, shadow of tear bag, and eye plumper effect. With an ultra-fine brush that does not thicken the lines, you can naturally draw double lines and shadows of tear bags. Resistant to water, sweat, sebum, and rubbing, and keeps the drawn lines for a long time. The price is 770 yen.

Canmake "3way Slim Eye Rouge Liner"

Writing Liquid Eyes

Liquid shadow for tear bags that naturally and firmly emphasizes tear bags. It sticks tightly to the skin and hides bears and dullness. Contains collagen, horse chestnut seed extract, horse chestnut root extract that gives firmness, and two types of hyaluronic acid and peach leaf extract that give moisture.

Canmake "Lighting Liquid Eyes"

The new color "04 Milky Sherbet" is white that makes your eyes gorgeous. Polarized pearls shine, giving you a moisturizing tear bag. The price is 660 yen.

Canmake "Lighting Liquid Eyes"

Cream blush

A cheek that turns smooth when a smooth gel is spread on the skin. It develops a vivid color and blends into the skin, giving it a complexion that makes you feel like you're feeling fine.

Canmake "Cream Cheek 21 Tangerine Tea"

The new color "21 Tangerine Tea" is a mellow and gentle coral beige. The price is 638 yen.

Foundation Colors

A foundation for nails that naturally covers unevenness, uneven color, and yellowing of nails. It can also be used as a colored base coat to prevent nail color transfer and improve color development and color retention. Contains sunflower seed oil, panthenol, honey extract, and aloe vera leaf extract, which are moisturizing ingredients.

"02 Lavender Pink" "03 Shear Lilac" from Canmake "Foundation Colors"

The new colors are the bluish pink "02 Lavender Pink" that adds a sense of complexion and transparency, and the purple "03 Shear Lilac" that gives a sense of transparency. The price is 396 yen.