Rush Father's Day Collection

The Father's Day collection is on sale at LUSH's online shop and stores nationwide. At the same time, shaving cream is also available as a standard new product.

Rad dad

A limited number of shower gels containing Siberian fir oil and cucumber extract to cleanse and healthy skin. A refreshing scent that blends the warm scent of marigold and benzoin with the vibrant green notes of Siberian fir. The price is 1,200 yen / 115g, 2,400 yen / 275g, 3,960 yen / 550g (tax included, same below).

Rush "Rush"

Dirty Deo

A limited amount of body powder that quickly blends into sweaty skin and keeps it clean and healthy. Selected natural ingredients reduce discomfort caused by sweat and excess sebum. The refreshing scent of spearmint, peppermint and menthol crystal wraps your whole body. The price is 1,660 yen / 75g.

Rush "Dirty Deo"

Shaved ice

A shaving cream with skin care that keeps the skin healthy by the work of plants. Oat milk smoothes the razor's slip and makes it easier to shave beards and unwanted hair, and rose water works synergistically with glycerin to keep the horny layer moisturized after shaving. Organic extra virgin olive oil gives the skin firmness, and Fairtrade organic cocoa butter protects the skin surface. Contains menthol that brings a refreshing feeling. The price is 1,390 yen / 100g and 2,780 yen / 250g.

Rush "Shaved Ice"


"Rad Dad (Gift)" is a limited-quantity gift that sets two types of items to refresh your sweaty skin. The gift box is a bold pattern with vibrant colors inspired by the design of the 1970s. The price is 2,680 yen.

Rush "Rad Dad (Gift)"

"Outback Mate Soap Dish Set" is a limited quantity gift that includes a soap with a refreshing scent of eucalyptus and peppermint that cleanses the skin and a rush original soap dish. Recycled white clay is used as the raw material for soap dishes. It is collected from wastewater from the manufacture of pottery products or powder waste from firing. Each one has a different pattern, so please look forward to what kind of pattern you will receive. The price is 3,480 yen.

Lush "Outback Mate Soap Dish Set"

The lineup includes the recyclable gift package "Gift Sandley (2 types)" made of recycled paper and the gift wrapping "Knot Wrap (2 types)" that was inspired by the furoshiki.

Rush "Gift Sandley"