Folding fan "TATAMU"

Two models of the foldable fan "TATAMU" are now available from Doshisha's home appliance series "CoCochi-Na". From the beginning of May, it will be sold at home electronics stores and home centers nationwide, and at Doshisha's direct sales site "Doshisha Marche".

There are two models in the foldable fan "TATAMU", "type-T" and "type-L". "Type-T" is a rechargeable type that can be used cordlessly and is easy to carry. "Type-L" is a power supply type with a full range of functions such as automatic swing. Both models can be folded in a pattern and can be conveniently stored in the gap.

Folding fan

■ TATAMU type-T

Folding fan

-A rechargeable electric fan equipped with a lithium-ion battery that can be used quickly and quickly. The unique folding structure makes it about 7.5 cm thin when stored. You can put it in a small space all over the house, take it out when you want to use it, and use it immediately. Also supports household power cords.

・ Maximum operating time is about 30 hours Large-scale power outages that have repeatedly occurred in recent years due to natural disasters in the summer. "TATAMU" has a continuous operation time of about 30 hours when the air volume is minimum. You can get the minimum required coolness in case of emergency.

-Even among lightweight designers weighing approximately 2.0 kg, it can be carried lightly for small outings and outdoors.

■ TATAMU type-L

Folding fan

-It can be stored in a narrow space. By folding the operation part at the bottom of the main unit, it becomes thin by about 6.6 cm. It can be stored in a narrow space such as a gap space next to a shelf or in a closet.

-With automatic swing function The left and right automatic swing function is attached (75 degrees), and the wind can be sent over a wide range.

-Since a full remote control type remote control is attached, operation is easy.

Product details

Product name: TATAMU type-T
Model: FBW-193B
Color: Cream beige / light blue Power supply: DC15V AC adapter (included) / Built-in rechargeable battery (lithium-ion battery)
Charging time: Approximately 3 hours / Charging while using Approximately 4.5 hours (Start charging when the battery is empty / Room temperature 25 ° C)
Power cord: Approximately 1.8m
External dimensions: Stand up (when used) Approx. Width 29.5 x depth 23 x height 57 cm
Weight: Approximately 2.0 kg (main unit only, AC adapter not included)

Product name: TATAMU type-L
Model: FLW-253D
Color: Cream beige / light blue Power cord: Approximately 1.8m
External dimensions: Approximately width 34 x depth 30 x height 74 cm
Weight: Approximately 4.0 kg (main unit only, remote control / AC adapter not included)