Awesome store "Kids item" is now available! Cute tableware, educational goods, etc.

From the lifestyle shop "AWESOME STORE", a new category "Kids Items" has appeared. It will be on sale from May 13th at "AWESOME STORE" stores and online stores nationwide.

"AWESOME STORE" is a lifestyle shop that offers original products at low prices. Based on simple and natural, we have a large selection of miscellaneous items with a sense of fun. In 2014, it set up a flagship store in Harajuku Omotesando and opened 61 stores from Tohoku to Kyushu (as of April 30, 2021). There is also a directly managed online shop.

The new "Kids Items" is a category that has received many requests. A lineup of cutlery goods for babies, bath toys and fashion & rain goods. Products will be expanded toward the end of the year.

■ Interior goods for kids that can make the room pop

Awesome store kids items

Items that make the room pop, such as round rugs with a lively design and felt decoration items with a gentle texture and design that feel warmth. The low price range unique to AWESOME STORE is also attractive.

■ Tableware for kids who are particular about design and color

Awesome store kids items

Tableware with a unified coloring and design. We have a rich lineup of items such as functional items made of silicon and animal design items using bamboo fiber.

■ Educational goods that you can play in the bath

Awesome store kids items

Originally designed bath posters and soft material toys that can be attached to the wall. A rich lineup of educational goods that you can enjoy learning and playing in the bath.

■ Rain & fashion items

Awesome store kids items
Kids Umbrella Circus * Scheduled to be released in mid-May

Rain goods with a pop design that makes you look forward to the rain. Fashion miscellaneous goods such as caps and hats are also available.