IKEA Shinjuku "Swedish Bites" opens May 17 --Popular dishes are sold by weight

"Swedish Bite" will open on May 17th on the 1st floor of IKEA Shinjuku. A deli menu is offered by weight.

IKEA Shinjuku "Swedish Bites" is a new format specializing in takeout. This is the first time for IKEA in Japan to sell by weight.

In addition to traditional Swedish dishes popular at IKEA restaurants, the menu includes plant-based razania and plant balls that use plant-derived ingredients instead of meat, and "shrimp potato salad with dill mayo" that uses MSC-certified shrimp. , "Salmon marinated with salad with bad sauce" using ASC certified salmon, and many other sustainable menus. The limited menu "Blue Plant Base Apple Soft" and side menus such as plant keema curry, cinnamon rolls, and traditional Swedish food Thun Broad are also available. You can also buy bakery products and various drinks.

IKEA Shinjuku "Swedish Bites" opens May 17 --Popular dishes are sold by weight
Plant-based lasagna 850 yen / serving * Prices shown include tax

IKEA Shinjuku "Swedish Bites" opens May 17 --Popular dishes are sold by weight
Shrimp potato salad with dill mayo 450 yen / 100g

IKEA Shinjuku "Swedish Bites" opens May 17 --Popular dishes are sold by weight
Tsunbroad veggie sausage 200 yen

IKEA Shinjuku "Swedish Bites"
Plant ball 500 yen / 10 pieces

IKEA Shinjuku "Swedish Bites"
Cinnamon roll 100 yen

IKEA Shinjuku "Swedish Bites"
Blue plant-based apple soft 200 yen * IKEA Shinjuku limited menu

IKEA is working to reduce global food waste by 50% by December 2021, and as part of this, Sweden Bites has introduced a food waste monitoring tool that utilizes AI technology. It will be introduced at the "Swedish restaurant" in IKEA Shibuya at the same time.

"Sweden Bites" has implemented the following measures to prevent infection and spread of the new coronavirus. We will strive to ensure that our customers can enjoy their meals with peace of mind.

Countermeasures against new coronavirus ・ Mandatory wearing of masks for co-workers (employees) ・ Hand-washing of co-workers ・ Implementation of disinfection ・ Implementation of temperature measurement before work of co-workers ・ Hourly replacement of equipment touched by customers ・ Disinfection ・ Disinfection for customers Depending on the conditions inside the store, admission may be restricted. * In addition to the above, new measures may be taken.

Overview of "Swedish Bites"

■ Location: 3-1-13 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Keio Shinjuku Oiwake Building 1F
■ Transportation:
2 minutes walk from "Shinjuku Sanchome" station (Exit C1) on the Toei Shinjuku line,
5 minutes walk from JR Yamanote Line "Shinjuku" station 3 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line / Fukutoshin Line "Shinjuku Sanchome" station (Exit A2) ■ Scheduled opening date: May 17, 2021 (Monday)
■ Business hours:
[State of emergency is being announced from the time of opening] 11: 00-20: 00
[After canceling the emergency declaration] Scheduled for 11: 00-21: 00 * Same as IKEA Shinjuku business hours ■ Holidays: January 1 ■ Number of menus: Weight-selling menu x8, pack products x12, drinks x13, bakery x7, Dessert x2
* As of May 17 * All sold at takeout
IKEA Shinjuku "Swedish Bites"
Address:3-1-13 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo