Yojiya "Father's Day Limited Gift Set" Two types of grooming and skin care

From Yojiya, two types of limited gift sets for Father's Day are now available. It will be available only for mail order from May 17th.

There are two types of lineup: "Father's Day Appearance Set" and "Father's Day Skin Care Set". The "Father's Day Appearance Set" is a useful item when you go out. It includes a pouch that is convenient for organizing small items and a hand mirror that is reasonably sized and easy to carry.

"Father's Day Skin Care Set" is suitable for the coming season when you are concerned about sebum. Limited purse bags contain items that can be used for skin care, such as men's facial cleansing foam that is mild and refreshing, and a facial sheet that can be used on the body to wipe off sweat. With a mini-sized sunscreen, it is also useful for UV protection.

Yojiya Father's Day Limited Gift Set

【Sales period】
May 17th (Monday) -June 20th (Sunday), 2021

【set content】
■ Father's Day grooming set

Yojiya Father's Day Limited Gift Set

Price: 2,235 yen (tax included)
Set contents ・ Kyopochi boat type (dark brown)
* Pochi in pochi, round hand mirror (large) black, hand towel

■ Father's Day skin care set

Yojiya Father's Day Limited Gift Set

Price: 4,095 yen (tax included)
Set contents ・ Men's face wash foam ・ Yarn-dyed handkerchief (dark blue)
・ Mayugomori Hand Cream 30g
・ Refresh facial sheet ・ UV protection sports (mini size)