Summer skin care promotion "BE SKIN-CONFIDENT -CLEAR & GLOW-" is being held at PLAZA and MINiPLA nationwide until June 3rd.

A lineup of skin care items to treat sensitive skin and rough skin. While PLAZA's bestsellers are lined up all at once, the "CICA" item is the focus of attention. Deer from South Korea, which is also popular in Japan, has become a major trend in skin care, with related products appearing one after another in PLAZA.

There are various theories, but the origin of the name "CICA" is named after the scientific name "Centella Asiatica" of Centella asiatica, which is a kind of herb. Many items contain moisturizing ingredients such as "Madecassoside" and "Centella asiatica extract" extracted from Centella asiatica.

This time, new deer items from popular brands "MEDIHEAL", "Dr. Jart +", and "A'pieu" are now available. In addition, from the familiar "VT (Vuity)" soothing mask, a limited number of PLAZA / MINiPLA limited sets with "Deer cream (mini size)" attached to the "Deer sleeping mask" will also appear.

* Promotion period and items handled vary depending on the store.
* Some stores are closed or their business hours have been changed due to the announcement of the state of emergency.