FANCL "2021 Summer Limited Makeup"

FANCL's mail-order and directly managed stores sell "2021 Summer Limited Makeup" with the concept of "POPPING COLORS". A make-up collection that colors the look of summer with delicate brilliance and luster.

◆ Aqua Serum Rouge [Glitter Pink]
A lip that melts softly the moment you touch it and wraps it in beauty oil to make it look three-dimensional and beautiful. Lip treatment Ingredients smooth lips that tend to be rough. No fragrances or synthetic pigments are used. A coral pink that blends four types of pearls, red, white, green, and orange, and is familiar to the skin. The price is 3,190 yen (tax included, same below).

◆ Bright & Colorful Veil [Prism Shower]
A face powder with four-color beaded powder that gives a transparent and elegant glossy skin. The finish-keeping formula absorbs excess sebum to maintain a beautiful finish. The price is 3,300 yen.

◆ Prism Light Eye Color [Aurora Brown]
A gel-like eye color that creates a glossy and transparent feeling around the eyes. Contains delicate green polarized pearls with different shapes to make your eyes look beautiful. Eye treatment Ingredients brighten and care for dull eyes. The price is 2,090 yen.

◆ Nail color
Nail color with long-lasting color and luster. Nail treatment ingredients that care for your nails prevent and protect your nails from drying out. No UV absorbers, toluene or acetone. The colors are pink "59 [Strawberry Shake]" that beautifully colors your fingertips, and "60 [Popping Ice]" with white and silver glitter that can be used individually or in layers. The price is 880 yen.