Minion pattern "Megurizumu steam hot eye mask" Limited quantity --Relax with warm steam

Kao introduces "Megurizumu Steam Hot Eye Mask Minion Design". It will be on sale in limited quantities from May 29th.

"Megurizumu Steam Hot Eye Mask" is an eye mask that is useful before going to bed, when traveling by plane or train, or when relaxing at home. It warms up as soon as you open the bag, and plenty of soothing steam wraps your eyes and eyes warmly.

The limited quantity "Megurizumu Steam Hot Eye Mask Minion Design" is a design of the mysterious creature "Minion" that loves bananas, which appears in the animated movie "Despicable Me" series, on the outer box, individual wrapping, and sheet. There are 5 types of individual bag designs, and you can look forward to seeing which design is included after opening the box.

Megurizumu Steam Hot Eye Mask Minion Design

Megurizumu Steam Hot Eye Mask Minion Design

Product Summary

■ Product name: Megurizumu Steam hot eye mask Minion design Unscented 12 pieces
■ Product features [br /] The eyes that continue to work are soft. Relax with plenty of warm steam.
Comfortable steam wraps your eyes and eyes warmly, relaxing your tight mood.
Comfortable temperature about 40 ℃, comfortable time about 20 minutes.
・ Unleash the tension of the day and slowly relax from the back to your mood.
-Since it warms up just by opening it, it is easy to use and convenient on the go.
・ The soft and fluffy touch feels good on the skin.
-Easy to use in any posture.
* Patented.
* It is not a medical device.
* Products planned and produced by Kao Corporation based on a commercialization contract with NBC Universal Entertainment Japan.

About "Minions"

A mysterious creature minion that loves bananas, which became very popular in "Despicable Me 3D" (2010) and "Despicable Me 2 Minion Crisis" (2013). Finally, he played the leading role in "Minions", and his previous work "Despicable Me 3" (2017) became the No. 1 blockbuster of the year in all the animated films of 2017. The latest work "Minions Fever" will be released in 2022.