New series of unbranded frozen foods! Easy cooking with cut vegetables and meal kit

Introducing 25 new series of frozen foods from MUJI. From May 26th, it will be released at MUJI (stores handling frozen foods) nationwide. The net store will go on sale on May 27th.

There are two new series of frozen foods, the "ready-to-use" series and the "meal kit made with a frying pan" series. The features of each are as follows.

■ Ready to use (cut vegetables)
"Cut vegetables" that are easy to use and add color to your dishes. It is convenient when you want to use it for a while, and it has a feature that it can be prepared (peeled, chopped) that takes time. Developed with three points: "It takes time" (inconvenient to buy raw), "color" (I want a little), and "universal" (easy to use).

The lineup includes "ready-to-use soup vegetables (200g (7.05oz))" (290 yen, tax included), "ready-to-use four-colored vegetables (250g (8.82oz))" (350 yen), and "ready-to-use curry vegetables (270g (9.52oz))" (290 yen). Such. There are also grilled and fried cut vegetables.

■ Meal kit made with a frying pan [br /] A cooking kit that includes seafood and vegetables, and meat and vegetables that you cook yourself. Since the sauce is also included in the set, there is no need to prepare seasonings. "You can make one serving without hassle" (no need to cut ingredients or thaw in advance), "You can make it in less than 10 minutes with a frying pan" (all 3 steps), "All ingredients in one bag" Developed at three points.

The lineup includes "Meal kit made with a frying pan, simmered anchovy tomatoes (110 g, 1 serving)" (350 yen), "Meal kit made with a frying pan, steamed white fish in Chinese style (140 g, 1 serving)" (350 yen), " Meal kit made with a frying pan "Colored vegetables and chicken stewed in tomatoes (175g (6.17oz), 1 serving)" (350 yen).