Canmake "Juicy Lip Tint" "Bright Veil Pure Base" "Silky Sflare Eyes" "Jewelry Shadow Veil"

From Canmake, we will introduce new products, new colors, and limited colors that will appear in late May. "Juicy Lip Tint", "Bright Veil Pure Base", etc.

Juicy lip tint

Highly colored oil-in-water tint. If you wait 5 minutes after applying it to your lips and then turn off the tissue, the color will settle and the complexion will last longer even if you eat or drink (there are individual differences in fixing). Even though it is glossy, it is not sticky and has a light feel.

Canmake "Juicy Lip Tint"

The colors are deep move rose "01 antique rose", calm beige red "02 cinnamon apple", and fashionable orange brown "03 orange brulee". The price is 660 yen (tax included, same below).

Canmake "Juicy Lip Tint"

Bright veil pure base

A moisturizing base that contains 27 types of beauty essence ingredients to give your skin a firm finish. The cream that spreads well and can be applied evenly creates a transparent and glossy skin. It is a non-pearl prescription, and when used alone, it can be turned off with just a face wash. Free of UV absorbers, parabens, alcohol and fragrances.

Canmake "Bright Veil Pure Base"

The colors are "01 Pure White", which naturally tone up, and "02 Pink Beige", which adds a sense of complexion. The price is 770 yen.

Silky Sflare Eyes

An eye shadow that sticks tightly to the eyelids. You can create beautiful gradations with a light feel that does not feel thick even when layered.

Canmake "Silky Sflare Eyes"

The new color "08 Strawberry Copper" is a palette of pink copper and pink brown. If you mainly use pink with glitter on the upper right, it will be sweet and gorgeous, and if you mainly use cocoa brown with pink pearls on the lower left, it will give an adult-like impression. The price is 825 yen.

Jewelry shadow veil

Eye shadow with small glitter on the left and large glitter on the right. Since the grain size is different, you can freely adjust the glitter feeling according to the makeup.

Canmake "Jewelry Shadow Veil"

The new color "06 Ballerina Beige" is a gentle and gorgeous pink beige inspired by ballerina pointe shoes. It is a color that is easy to match with red eyeshadow as well as beige and brown. The price is 660 yen.

Finish powder

The limited color "SS Shiny Seaside" of "Transparent Finish Powder" was released in April 2020. The bright beige, purple, and yellow colors enhance the transparency of the skin. Light confusion (soft focus effect) makes pores and uneven skin less noticeable, and anti-shiny powder absorbs excess sebum on the skin. The price is 1,034 yen.

Limited color "SS Shiny Seaside" of Canmake "Transparent Finish Powder"