KFC "Enjoy Summer! Exciting Festival Goods" Shooting games, fresh yo-yos, etc.

From Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), kids' menu goods "Summer Fun! Exciting Festival Goods" are now available. It will be sold at stores nationwide from June 2nd.

"Enjoy Summer! Exciting Festival Goods" are cute summer-like goods with kernels and friends drawn on them. You can assemble it yourself and have fun playing alone or with your friends.

KFC "Enjoy Summer! Exciting Festival Goods"
Shooting game

KFC "Enjoy Summer! Exciting Festival Goods"
Yurayura mobile

KFC "Enjoy Summer! Exciting Festival Goods"
Freshly brewed yo-yo

KFC "Enjoy Summer! Exciting Festival Goods"
Round and round butterbur sesame

Sales overview

■ Product name:
"Kids nugget set" ... 500 yen [3 pieces of nugget, potato (S), drink (S), 1 goods]
"Kids crispy set" ... 500 yen [Kernel crispy, potatoes (S), drinks (S), 1 merchandise]
■ Release date: June 2, 2021 (Wednesday)
* Limited quantity, sales will end as soon as they are sold out.
■ Sales stores: KFC stores nationwide * Some stores do not sell.
* Depending on the policy of each local government, some stores may change their business hours or be closed.
■ Goods overview:
"Shooting game" A game that you can play while competing with your friends for points by guessing the points written on them.
"Yurayura Mobile" A mobile that cultivates a sense of balance because it is made while considering the weight of the left and right sides.
"Freshly squeezed yo-yo" A colorful yo-yo that you can bounce and play.
"Kurukuru Fuki Sesame" A mysterious butterbur sesame that tickles the curiosity of children, whose design changes when you blow it around.
* Material: PP
* Size: A4 size before assembly