Kai KOBAKO "Haircut Set" "Hair Smooth Brush"

"Hair Care Series" was released on June 2nd from Kai's beauty tool brand "KOBAKO". "Haircut set" and "Hair smooth brush" are now available.

Haircut set

A set of scissors and combs for self-cutting the bangs that have grown before the next hair salon. It also comes with a convenient case for storage. The price is 4,180 yen (tax included).

Kai KOBAKO "Haircut Set"

Haircut scissors

A blade shorter than the professional version is used so that you can cut while adjusting little by little. Even if you bring it close to your face, you can cut it without obstructing your view. The finger holes on the handle are oval to fit the size and shape of female fingers. It is designed so that even if the middle finger is put in the hole, the ring finger and little finger can be placed on the finger rest and cut in a stable state. The size is H15.4cm x W4.9cm x D0.8cm.

Kai KOBAKO "Haircut Scissors"

Hair comb

Generally, the bangs are about 8 cm from the outside to the outside of the left and right black eyes. With a 9 cm comb width that covers it, you can scoop your bangs at once, making the cut smooth. Fine 2WAY that straightens the bangs and coarse 2WAY that loosens the entanglement. The tip of the handle is also recommended for separating the bangs. The size is H16.5cm x W4cm x D0.6cm.

Kai KOBAKO "Hair Comb"

Hair smooth brush

A hairbrush that uses a unique "protection pin". A compact handle with a moderate thickness fits your hand, and you can stabilize the brush by placing your finger in the flower-shaped recess. It can be washed completely, so it is always clean. Two types that are recommended not only for dry hair but also for shampooing. The price is 3,080 yen each (tax included).

Kai KOBAKO "Hair Smooth Brush"

Hair smooth brush (soft)

The transparent soft pins are arranged on the inside, and the brown hard pins are arranged on the outside. The long pins are soft against the skin and can be brushed flexibly. The size is about H17.4cm x W4.5cm x D4cm.

Kai KOBAKO "Hair Smooth Brush (Soft)"

Hair smooth brush (hard)

Only brown hard pins are used. The short pin can stimulate the scalp firmly, and by applying it to the scalp while brushing the hair, it can also be used as a shampoo brush. The size is about H17.4cm x W4.5cm x D3.3cm.

Kai KOBAKO "Hair Smooth Brush (Hard)"