2021 Summer Limited Edition "HACCI Cleansing Milk"

The limited edition "HACCI Cleansing Milk" for the summer of 2021 is on sale in limited quantities from the honey beauty brand "HACCI". The capacity is 190 mL and the price is 4,400 yen (tax included).

HACCI cleansing milk

Cleansing milk is popular for its skin care effect that feels like washing with a beauty essence and its melting texture. In addition to UV rays and dry damage of air conditioners, we pay attention to skin problems peculiar to this summer such as mask swelling and friction roughness. A new combination of white willow bark extract, which is a moisturizing ingredient that supports the function of the stratum corneum, which is a natural barrier, and red clover flower extract, which prepares fine and smooth skin. Foster an environment that aims for cleansing and beauty.

Honey and royal jelly extract derived from honeybees, as well as hyaluronic acid, silk and other highly moisturizing beauty ingredients treat the skin. With a gentle feel that does not put a strain on the skin, it cleans the skin to make it moisturized and smooth while properly removing makeup.

There are two types of lineup, "FORTUNE GARDEN" and "FLOWER SYMPHONY". This is a limited edition bottle with a graphic design that images each scent.

HACCI Cleansing Milk FG

A gorgeous fruity floral scent. Fresh mandarin and white peach are overlaid with elegant gardenia, osmanthus with gentle sweetness, and rose. A scent wrapped in gorgeousness and fresh sweetness summarized in woody musk.

2021 Summer Limited Edition "HACCI Cleansing Milk FG"

HACCI Cleansing Milk FS

A lovely fresh floral bouquet scent. Accented with lovely jasmine and rose floral bouquets, sweet honeysuckles, leafy greens and fresh plums are added.

2021 Summer Limited Edition "HACCI Cleansing Milk FS"