L'Occitane "Five Herbs Hair Care Duo"

L'Occitane will release "Five Herbs Hair Care Duo", a hair care set perfect for rainy season and summer hair problems, on June 23rd. The price is 7,590 yen (tax included).

Five Herbs Hair Care Duo

In the rainy season and the mushy summer, there are endless worries such as swelling, spreading, and sticky scalp. The limited quantity "Five Herbs Hair Care Duo" is a set of "Five Herbs Repairing Hair Milk Serum" and "Five Herbs Pure Freshness Shining Vineger", which are hair care products that comfortably solve hair problems during such times.

Five Herbs Repairing Hair Milk Serum A non-rinse hair treatment that achieves the three effects of "suppressing swell and spread due to moisture," "protection from heat damage," and "smooth finger passage." In addition to the essential oils of 5 herbs for damaged hair, including Angelica, which is said to be an angel's herb, sunflower seed wax and jojoba ester, which are ingredients that suppress swell and spread, are blended. Even on days when the humidity is high and the hair spreads easily, the cohesive and silky hair continues all day long.

L'Occitane "Five Herbs Repairing Hair Milk Serum"

Five Herbs Pure Freshness Shining Vineger
Out bath mist that cleans hair and scalp with one push. Contains essential oils of 5 carefully selected herbs including mint and herbal vinegar made by soaking fresh herbs in apple cider vinegar, which is handed down as a folk remedy for hair care in Provence, Southern France.

L'Occitane "Five Herbs Pure Freshness Shining Vineger"

Single items are on sale at L'Occitane stores and official online shopping sites nationwide. 100mL 4,290 yen each (tax included).