Summer lucky bag "2021 Summer Bag" Cafe Lexel --Kippi Collabo cold storage bag etc.

From the cafe brand "Cafe Lexcel" of Doutor Coffee, the summer lucky bag "2021 Summer Bag" will be released on July 8th. Reservations will be accepted at the store from June 24th.

A collaboration product with the Scandinavian design lifestyle brand "kippis" (Takarajimasha). Following the Happy Bag in winter, it is packed with the desire to "feel the Scandinavian lifestyle with coffee from Cafe Lexel this summer as well."

The product price is 800 yen (tax included, same below), 4,500 yen, 5,900 yen, all three types. The assortment of the following items varies depending on the price.

Summer lucky bag "2021 Summer Bag" Cafe Lexel --Kippi Collabo cold storage bag etc.

■ Kippisukorabo cold storage bag [br /] A cold storage bag that is foldable and convenient to carry. With a bottom gusset and a shoulder bag, it's perfect as a convenience store, a little shopping, or a cold storage bag for lunch boxes. (With foldable rubber clasp and mesh pocket)
Size: W: 380mm x H: 260mm x D: 60mm, handle length 500mm

■ Kippi Collabo Water Jug [br /] With a capacity of 1.2L, the heat resistant temperature is 80 ℃. An item that you want to bring in the summer, where you can easily make watered coffee at home. The smart shape of the square allows it to be used horizontally without any trouble in storage.
Size: W: 84mm x H: 275mm x D: 84mm

■ Kippis Towel Handkerchief (Polar Bear)
A refreshing summer-like blue towel handkerchief with the motif of the popular design "Jaakarhu", which is also used in the kippis brand logo and attracts children and adults alike.

■ Watered coffee pack (12g (0.42oz) x 5pk)
A watered coffee pack using the specialty coffee "Colombia Narino Samaniego Full Washed". The citrus scent reminiscent of orange and grapefruit is perfect for summer.

■ Free drink ticket [br /] Get a free drink of your choice.

■ 50% off coffee beans ticket [br /] 50% off your favorite coffee beans.

■ Cafe Lexel Original Mask [br /] Mask for store purchasers only.

* The "Free Drink Ticket" and "Coffee Bean 50% Off Ticket" are valid until November 30, 2021.
* "Free drink ticket" can be exchanged for one drink of your choice at Cafe Lexel. Cannot be used for set drinks and alcoholic drinks. Cannot be used in combination with other benefits / discount tickets.
* "Free drink ticket" and "50% off coffee beans off ticket" cannot be used at Cafe Lexcel Midosuji Yodoyabashi store.

2021 Summer Bag

■ Reservation period
June 24th (Thursday) -July 7th (Wednesday), 2021 * Payment is at the time of reservation.
■ Over-the-counter sales / product delivery period
Scheduled from Thursday, July 8, 2021 to Sunday, August 15, 2021

* Cafe Lexcel Tokyo International Forum store will be closed from July 1st (Thursday) to September 30th (Thursday) due to the Olympic Games, so the reservation period is until June 30th (Wednesday). Products are delivered at Cafe Lexcel Marunouchi Building.
* Cafe Lexcel Midosuji Yodoyabashi store does not handle "2021 Summer Bag".
* Since the quantity is limited, sales will end as soon as the stock runs out.