"Suica's Penguin Cookie Assortment" in JRE MALL --with original Marche bag

Hotel Metropolitan will start pre-order sales of "Suica's Penguin Cookie Assortment" on the EC site "JRE MALL" on June 14th. An original Marche bag is included as a set to commemorate the participation in "JRE MALL" operated by JR East.

Suica Penguin Cookie Assortment with Marche Bag

"Suica's Penguin Cookie Assortment" is an assortment of cute Suica's Penguin Cookies made by hand. Takachiho fermented butter from Kyushu is used for the butter, which is the decisive factor for the flavor of cookies. You can enjoy the rich aroma and rich taste.

Suica Penguin Cookie Assortment with Marche Bag

Suica Penguin Cookie Assortment

Suica Penguin Cookie Assortment with Marche Bag
Original Marche bag set

■ Suica's Penguin Cookie Assortment with Marche Bag [br /] Pre-order sales start date: June 14, 2021 (Monday) 10:00 a.m. ~
How to receive: Delivery fee: 4,800 yen (tax included, shipping not included)
Reservation method: JRE MALL link on the official website of Hotel Metropolitan: 190g (6.7oz)
Cocoa cookie, tea cookie, butter cookie, orange cookie, framboise cookie, chocolate cookie with almond, chocolate cookie with chocolate chip, hazelnut cookie Marche bag:
A simple and adult design that matches the design of the cookie tin. A cotton marche bag that can be fully loaded even if you shop a lot, such as large luggage. It is also useful as a sub-bag on days with a lot of luggage or for storage in the room. The size is 45 cm wide and 76 cm long including the handle.

* Purchase is limited to 1 per person. Limited quantity.
* Types and menu contents may change without notice depending on the weather and purchasing conditions.

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